Your Authentic Image
Shrink Your Closet, Expand Your Wardrobe? I’ll show you how…
Your Authentic Image

Are you tired of aspiring to a fashion ideal
that doesn’t exist, BUT you still want to look and
feel great in your clothing?


You’ve achieved success in your life,
but your closet doesn’t reflect it.

You’re bored with your clothes and getting dressed in the morning is a mundane, uninspired, sometimes stressful experience. You want to stand out visually, and you GET that your clothes can be a resource to do that, but you don’t know where to start. Going into your closet drains you, and you want that feeling to stop.

There are specific, vital steps you must take, and certain mindset shifts you must make when creating a signature style – and most people skip these because they either didn’t know about them or didn’t realize their importance.

There are lots of stylists out there who will dress you for an event, or who will take a cursory look at your complexion and recommend colors for you. You can hire a personal shopper to help you shop. And these things often work, at first. But without the crucial missing pieces, the results are not sustainable, and your confidence never develops authentically from your clothes.

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Rave Reviews

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Kathleen is amazing at what she does to help you find your own authentic style and the best in your personality and bring your positive and true qualities out each and every day.

After working with her I feel not only more organized but completely renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to discover their true brand and personality and reflect that in your wardrobe. Thank you Kathleen, you are amazing!

– Milena Regos,

Kathleen has a way of making good into great.

I’m a professional and I dressed well but never really felt like my clothing was a good reflection of my personality. I didn’t understand how to use my clothing to convey confidence and authority. My style was more casual and lacked accessories. Working with Kathleen took my image to the next level.

Using my words, the fashion fit formula, my colors and style makes buying the right clothing and accessories easy. My closet is organized and full of fabulous outfits for every occasion. As a professional speaker I feel more confident when I step on the stage. My clothes help me command the authority I need to deliver my message. I love being the best dressed person in the room and receiving all the compliments. I owe it all to Kathleen.

–Alice Heiman,

To anyone thinking about working with Kathleen, know that you are investing not only in an image consultant but also in a coach who does deep, delicious work.

And to businesses who are considering bringing Kathleen in, know that you will be receiving not only an expert but also a masterful speaker, teacher and guide who is excellent at navigating between getting it right for leaders and getting it right for their people.

Alexia Vernon, Women’s Public Speaking & Leadership Expert

Kathleen made me feel beautiful, inside and out.

I was lost. Plain and simple. I dreaded getting dressed in the morning and rarely felt confident in any situation. I lacked the understanding of how to put together an outfit that helped communicate who I am.

Kathleen made me feel beautiful, inside and out. I am worthy of beautiful, high quality clothes. I am worthy of the investment to work with an expert. I am worthy.

Now, my life is forever changed because I made the time to lay this foundation now. I will never again wonder what color brings out the sparkle in my eyes or how to dress to reflect my most endearing qualities.

Audrey Johnson, Norwex Consultant

I have learned to only keep, buy and wear clothing that I love

Although Kathleen’s expertise has been valuable in helping me with color, fit, and fashion; the greatest benefit from our work together has come from her help in identifying how my clothing, accessories, hair and make-up reflect my values, personality and priorities to the outside world.

I have learned to only keep, buy and wear clothing that I love – meaning those clothes that look and feel great and show others who I truly am. Thanks Kathleen!

Becky Manoukian, Financial Manager

When I started working with Kathleen, my closet had lots of pieces in it that didn’t “play well” together. Most of them bored me to tears.

I wore the same 2-3 pieces nearly all the time, and didn’t like to go to events where I’d meet other business owners because I hated figuring out what to wear.

Under Kathleen’s compassionate expert guidance, I feel more vibrant. More confident. Eager to go after big opportunities – the kind that put me onstage, in front of other vibrant women. I no longer look “okay,” I look MY BEST! Looking my best has brought more of me to the forefront and amplified my voice and writing much more than I ever dreamed possible.

Stefanie Frank, Copywriter + Speaker

After taking Create Your Signature Style, my primarily black wardrobe is now filled with vibrant colors.

I love wearing clothes that look good on me and I feel more authentically “ME” when I get dressed. I highly recommend this class. You will be more beautiful inside and out as a result of the experience.

I feel like I have been given a new lease on my personal appearance.

She has an uncanny way of seeing the best part of you and translating that to design. Since working with Kathleen, I have a new vision of myself,not just my wardrobe If someone asked me after the experience, I would say Kathleen is brilliant and was incredible about meeting me in all my questions and moving me forward in a short span of time.

– Sriram Sridharan

It was a life changing experience, and I do not say that lightly...

It was a life changing experience, and I do not say that lightly, because I really did not have a good sense of my image and struggled to find outfits that I felt comfortable in.

I now have the confidence to put my best self forward every day, regardless of where I am going. I recognize myself now and the person who I had lost long ago in trying to look like who I thought I should be. It has been an empowering, strengthening experience for me and has spilled over into all areas of my life. Feeling good about how you look has a tremendous impact in all areas.

– Courtney Spencer, Lawyer, advocate, speaker

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