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“Senior leaders within our organization have been challenged by our changing demographics and the fact that we do not have a written dress code. Many older employees had progressively gotten more casual in their appearance and new employees seemed to not understand what was appropriate for a work environment like ours.”

Kathleen did a fabulous job talking to me about our needs and then working with our employees. She demonstrated a high degree of empathy and her ability to connect with our employees was evident. Everyone who attended was pleased and talked about it for some time. She is extremely knowledgeable, did a great job presenting, and provided great advice to our employees.

Kathleen really listened to our concerns and needs and tailored her efforts to helping us achieve our goals. Every employee who attended our workshop had positive reviews and Kathleen surpassed our expectations. We have already talked about asking her to come back for another workshop, she did such an excellent job and was a pleasure to work with.

Owen Fulsome

Management Services, Bureau of Reclamation

Crystal Grayot

“As a professional speaker and speaking coach, I’m constantly thinking about my image and how to ensure that what I project through my facial expressions, body language and clothing enhances my message and credibility. I was introduced to Kathleen through a mutual friend and while I had never previously envisioned working with an image consultant, within 5 minutes of talking with Kathleen I knew the question was not if we would work together and rather when we would work together. There are so many things I relish about having Kathleen in my life (and in my closet).

Having a process for essentializing my wardrobe to pieces I love (and that love to be worn by me!), knowing the colors that make me and my brand come to life, and understanding the fits that work best on my frame…all wonderful. But what I think I appreciate most about Kathleen is her ability to see me at such a deep, core level and with such tenderness support me in slaying self-sabotaging thoughts about myself and my body I didn’t know I had. I’m so impressed with Kathleen and her brilliance at working with speakers I asked her to style all of the women in my mastermind for their speaking reels and she was an invaluable resource. To anyone thinking about working with Kathleen, know that you are investing not only in an image consultant but also in a coach who does deep, delicious work. And to businesses who are considering bringing Kathleen in, know that you will be receiving not only an expert but also a masterful speaker, teacher and guide who is excellent at navigating between getting it right for leaders and getting it right for their people.”

Alexia Vernon

Women's Public Speaking & Leadership Expert

“Kathleen is amazing at what she does to help you find your own authentic style and the best in your personality and bring your positive and true qualities out each and every day. After working with her I feel not only more organized but completely renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to discover their true brand and personality and reflect that in your wardrobe. Thank you Kathleen, you are amazing!”

Milena Regos

“Kathleen has a way of making good into great. I’m a professional and I dressed well but never really felt like my clothing was a good reflection of my personality. I didn’t understand how to use my clothing to convey confidence and authority. My style was more casual and lacked accessories. Working with Kathleen took my image to the next level. Using my words, the fashion fit formula, my colors and style makes buying the right clothing and accessories easy.

My closet is organized and full of fabulous outfits for every occasion. As a professional speaker I feel more confident when I step on the stage. My clothes help me command the authority I need to deliver my message. I love being the best dressed person in the room and receiving all the compliments. I owe it all to Kathleen.”


Alice Heiman

“I’m a professor, so I’m used to standing comfortably in of front large numbers of people. I haven’t given my clothing much thought over the years – professional and utilitarian, but admittedly, boring! I knew what I was wearing didn’t reflect who I was, what I believed, and how I wanted to express myself. I have a Ph.D., but not in fashion and design. I

needed help! It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen Audet! She has the patience, knowledge, know-how, and people-skills to help anyone find their right fit with clothing and color. I had some sense of the colors that looked good on me, but Kathleen helped me fine-tune it. It was so helpful to narrow down to 5 words that best describe who I am and what I am passionate about. That gave me much needed focus. I was no longer wandering through department stores aimlessly.

I had a true sense of what I was looking for, what looked good on me, and why. And, it’s that “why” that’s so important and separates Kathleen from others. She didn’t beat me over the head – or tell me what to do. She gently moved me along, through my closet, asking me what looked good, what didn’t, and encouraged an understanding of the reasons behind it. Working with Kathleen has made all the difference for me!”

Kim O’Reilly

“Kathleen, I had soooo much fun trying on all of the clothes combinations!!!!! I was mostly in awe, wide eyed and smiling in amazement!! Putting my clothes together in new and very different ways was such a thrilling way to top off my learning time with you :) I have to admit…I felt and looked great! (i have never said that!)

Fresh, creative, original,natural, inspired and genuinely optimistic !!! I love having this virtual closet put together by you …such a great feature and finish to a wonderful experience. I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes, mind and thought process …entering my closet is fun now! Thank you also for all of the organizing tips and shopping ideas. You should feel great satisfaction to have touched so many lives in such a meaningful, personal way. You are a very special person and I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with you and get to know you and have you ‘rub off on me’ (just a little bit!).”

Kerra Kinion


“I loved our time together! My closet has stayed organized. I feel like I can breathe now when I go in there, and I can see everything I own. It’s wonderful. The pile we made on the floor has found a new home at the resale shop. It feels good to have a list of priority purchases to make. I’ve found myself making more intentional decisions about how casually/formally I am dressing. It immediately affects my attitude – I’m more alert and energetic about getting work done. Everyone has been commenting on how flattering my outfits look. My husband hasn’t stopped talking about it. Pre-consultation, I would not have dressed that nicely.”



Author and Director for non-profit

“It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen. I used to struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear to work. Since working with Kathleen, she helped me find the right colors, fit and style that work best for me. Now when I get dressed I know that whatever I choose, I will look and feel great! Kathleen has help make my life so much easier and I couldn’t be happier!”


Jill Jensen

Jensen Precast

I was fearful of shopping and would internally panic as I walked in, not knowing what to look for and having an extremely limited budget for a new wardrobe for a new professional job. I decided to work with Kathleen because I wanted the best person to help me change and teach me the tools I needed.

She is worth every penny every dollar and more, and time with her was great investment that I made in myself. She listens and sees who you are and who you want to be, and helps you communicate that to yourself and to others. Since working with Kathleen, I no longer fear shopping. I am able to dress quickly and well for work with a limited budget. I feel so much more confident, and I would absolutely recommend Kathleen. In fact, I have already been recommending her to many people.

Pauline Fong

Program Director, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

I felt inadequate and uninformed when it came to clothing. I had grown up in schools that wore uniforms and had never understood how to dress myself for an occasion. It felt forced and not intuitive. There were deeper fears and questions I had about how to move forward. I wanted to experience some freedom in the area of clothing, gain understanding and develop tools to navigate clothing.

I have a plan and a grid of what to wear. I have an inner sense of how to dress myself To say I am impressed is an understatement. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Kathleen for all your help. I am on a new path and am delighted to see how this will play out in my life.

I did wonder what my experience would be working with Kathleen as a man. I loved all the exercises. I enjoyed her ability to get to the heart of the issues. I appreciated her insight and her pace. I feel like I have been given a new lease on my personal appearance. She has an uncanny way of seeing the best part of you and translating that to design. Since working with Kathleen, I have a new vision of myself, not just my wardrobe If someone asked me after the experience, I would say Kathleen is brilliant and was incredible about meeting me in all my questions and moving me forward in a short span of time. My wardrobe is manageable.

Sriram Sridharan

I was worried that Kathleen (or any stylist) would try to “change me” — make me wear things that I didn’t like, or try to transform me into someone I didn’t want to be. For anyone who is hesitant to work with Kathleen, don’t be. She values who you are as a person and works within your comfort zone so that you feel and look your best.

I really appreciated how Kathleen was able to find pieces that I would have never chosen myself, but spoke to me. I have a few phenomenal pieces in my wardrobe today (and know how to shop for more now after working with her) that I wouldn’t have purchased on my own. I finally know what I should be purchasing — I’m wasting my time or money on pieces that don’t do me justice. I also feel more confident in how I present myself in professional settings.

I would recommend Kathleen’s services to others because she is kind, intelligent and knows what she’s doing. Since working with Kathleen, I feel confident and stylish, and it’s not just me. The compliments have been rolling in.

Jen Gurecki

Coalition Snow | She Ventures l Zawadisha