Let’s Create a Wardrobe That Flatters You and Brings You Joy!

So the essence of who you are on the inside shows up on the outside – authentically and consistently! So you can truly and permanently:

Always have something to wear

for any occasion

Learn to shop purposefully

so even if you hate shopping it’s still productive and efficient

Go from feeling frumpy to fabulous

Feel more powerful when connecting with people

at home, at work, onstage, or elsewhere

Become more confident

Learn to trust yourself more deeply

which empowers you to go after what really matters – to YOU

In Our Private Work Together, My Clients Delve Deep Into Who They Are, In All Facets of Their Lives

My Custom Image Programs combine color, fit, hair, makeup and shopping with wisdom, transformation and healing. The intention is to transform your wardrobe to match who you are on the inside – and deeply influence and elevate your non-verbal communication and personal/professional leadership as a result.

Private Custom Image Programs

Whether you need to create a new personal style quickly or prefer to do so more gradually, you and Kathleen will work closely together in whichever program fits you best.



Choose a 1, 2, or 3 day VIP intensive experience – during which you spend 1, 2, or 3 full days 1:1 with Kathleen in Reno.

For busy women who hate to shop and are short on time:
Transform your image in a compressed, customized, extremely efficient time period. Each program includes follow up support with Kathleen after your intensive concludes.

Style Coaching

and Consulting

Select the level of support you desire in these private programs, where you experience both virtual and in person support from Kathleen during a time time period lasting 3 to 12 months.

For busy women who want to transform their image more gradually over time, these programs will get you where you need to go, when you need to be there. If working with an image consultant/coach appeals to you, one of the available selections will feel just right.

Cultivate Your

Stage Style Session

Speakers, Trainers, and Workshop Leaders:

Whether you deliver keynotes on stage, present at industry events or team meetings, facilitate workshops or retreats, or simply want (or need) to up level your professional look.

Cultivate Your Authentic Stage Style ‘In Your Closet’ Power Session is the answer!

Create Your

Signature Style


Coaches, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs:

Looking to define your own signature style? This process will guide you to developing a style that encompasses your personality, values, and brand.

Create Your Own Signature Style with this Power Session!

VIP Intensives

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Cultivate Your Stage Style Session

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“Was thinking of you AGAIN in the car yesterday. And how this process has really changed my life. I can’t get over it. I had no idea how important it was to focus on matching what you feel on the inside with your outside.

It brings a congruency and a wholeness to your everyday life. I used to dread getting dressed in the morning – now I look forward to thinking about how I feel, and having a closet full of clothes I LOVE and that match who I am, to choose from. I just feel better when I put my clothes on. And the way you help with this process is so thoughtful, gracious and kind. Grateful heart here.” Karyn Jensen