Need a Speaker or Contributor Who Can De-Mystify What It Means to “Dress for Success?”

“Dress for Success” is a loaded phrase. It implies a high standard and is just vague enough so people have no idea where to start.

Because I believe personal style starts on the inside, I’ve often felt at odds with the fashion industry – despite over 20 years of working within it.

To me, “Dress for Success” means choosing clothes and accessories within the context of who you are, what matters most to you, meaningful goals (personal and professional), and your present reality. Ultimately, it means having a closet that supports you to look and feel your best every single day.

Audiences leave my talks with an inspired blend of actionable information, new ideas for their closets, and a changed perspective on the role that fashion and style plays in their lives. All talks and workshops are tailored to the needs of your specific audience.

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The Entrepreneur Way Podcast: Showing up as the Most Authentic Version of Yourself That You Can

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Beyond Fashion: How to cultivate authentic style

Image is about much more than clothes, current style trends, or personal shopping. In this candid and disruptive talk, Kathleen turns the concept of “image” on it’s head – and unearths true possibility for your audience to connect with themselves more deeply and connect with others more authentically.

Audience members come away full of ideas to use their wardrobe as a resource for enhanced self expression – which translates into a richer and more satisfying personal and work life. This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, business or association presentation, or workshop.

What to wear when "business casual" just doesn't work

Companies can use image as a gateway to develop deeper trust, authenticity and connection. In this training, your team will learn to control the non-verbal messages they send to colleagues, clients and potential clients – as they develop skills to use clothing and accessories to create an image that is powerful, positive and professional – while staying true to who they are at a core level – which allows them to advance your organization’s goals more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

This presentation can be delivered as a half day, full day or two day training. In longer trainings, participants will learn additional skills around presence, personal style, fit, and color – as customized for your organization’s needs and goals.

Kathleen’s One-Sheet

“Senior leaders within our organization have been challenged by our changing demographics and the fact that we do not have a written dress code. Many older employees had progressively gotten more casual in their appearance and new employees seemed to not understand what was appropriate for a work environment like ours.

Kathleen did a fabulous job talking to me about our needs and then working with our employees. She demonstrated a high degree of empathy and her ability to connect with our employees was evident. Everyone who attended was pleased and talked about it for some time. She is extremely knowledgeable, did a great job presenting, and provided great advice to our employees.

Kathleen really listened to our concerns and needs and tailored her efforts to helping us achieve our goals. Every employee who attended our workshop had positive reviews and Kathleen surpassed our expectations. We have already talked about asking her to come back for another workshop, she did such an excellent job and was a pleasure to work with.”

Owen Fulsome

Management Services, Bureau of Reclamation

“Kathleen presented a workshop “Develop Your Authentic Clothing Vibe” at Truckee Meadows Community College this past summer to rave reviews! How to dress professionally and on a budget was her focus. She doesn’t talk down or make anyone feel uncomfortable. She engages her participants and fields their questions. The information was valuable and beneficial. This is a specialized workshop on a topic that is not often addressed. If your organization or company needs a seminar contact Kathleen!” Cathy Brewster

Professional Development Manager, Truckee Meadows Community College|Reno, NV

“On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce board, staff, and young entrepreneurs academy, thank you so much for taking the time to join us to discuss professional dress and presentation. The advice you shared was invaluable for our students as they head to their next venture.” Leslie Masterpool

“Kathleen’s presentation has sparked interest with our staff. As Pre-K Teachers, it is a difficult balance to dress practically as well as professionally. Kathleen gave us simple clothing cues to look for to be intentional in the message our appearance conveys. Weeks later teachers are still talking about ‘shopping your closet’ and ‘wardrobe orphans.’” Terry Randolph

Child and Family Services, Washoe County School District

“I am a consultant in Early Childhood Education and had the good fortune to participate in a workshop for Early Childhood educators that focused on the image people project based on what they are wearing. It was fun, informative and non-threatening.

A few days later at a meeting, teachers were noticing what their colleagues were wearing and the message: “Suzanne, you are wearing a coat with lapels – we’ll be taking you more seriously.” While there was humor embedded, I noticed that the teachers looked more professional at this meeting.”

Leah Sanders

Administrative Faculty, University of Nevada, Reno

“Kathleen gave a very informative presentation to the Reno eWomenNetwork chapter centered around the different levels of dress, proper business dress and showing up authentically in your clothes. Her presentation provided just enough visual interest to keep the audience engaged and her handouts provided guests some great take-home information.

Her talk was interesting, relevant, and met our stringent time constraints of 20 minutes, allowing for a lively Q&A. I would highly recommend Kathleen.”

Annie Goni-Stewart

Executive Managing Director, Reno eWomenNetwork, Inc.